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PortfolioPass.com allows you to search on scholarship contests that require a portfolio for entry - build and then submit yours to the scholarships of your choice today. Coming soon!
Welcome to PortfolioPass, powered by School Portfolio Connect™. If you have applied for admission to a school, or schools, and require a portfolio, you can build and submit your portfolio here in just a few easy steps. Just choose the school you are applying to from the drop-down menu and click on GO to begin.

Haven't decided which school you want to apply to? Not sure if your work is good enough? Build, then submit your portfolio to your choice of schools and find out? Coming soon!

PortfolioPass was developed in conjunction with creative arts school registrars to enable prospective students to complete the program specific portfolio requirements of their applications online. Once submitted, the portfolio requirements are mapped to the student’s application and sit in a queue awaiting approval by the school.

That is not all PortfolioPass allows a school and prospective student to do...

PortfolioPass can also be used by the admissions department at the schools to administer their scholarship competitions online - prospective students are invited to build and submit work samples as set out in rules for entry - all entries again sit in a queue awaiting the selection committee.

Lastly, the admissions department can leverage PortfolioPass as a lead generation platform that can be used to invite prospective students to build and submit their work online for school feedback.

PortfolioPass is powered by School Portfolio Connect™, our best of breed self managed student portfolio engine, developed for the creative arts school industry and their prospective students, current students and alumni.

Big Clic Inc., our parent company, works with creative arts school administrators on online education models used to address how the schools wish to utilize their self-managed online portfolios once created: admissions can use the portfolios to generate leads and lift conversion; career services can use them to lift placement rate; web departments can use them to provide site content; and registrars can use them to complete the application process.

Big Clic Inc is a direct, interactive, consulting firm based out of Toronto, Montreal - sporting a stable of Fortune 500 clients which include CanWest Interactive, Mercedes-Benz Canada, ING Direct, Home Depot and The Art Institutes - to view a full line of services please visit Big Clic Inc.

If you are a school interested in more information or a free trial please contact us today.

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Jon Hill - President, Big Clic Inc.

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